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Cremation Cradle
New in 2003, was the addition of CREMATION CRADLES to the Burial Cradle-Baby Casket line.

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Zerbel's Bay Memorials Baby Caskets
Established in 1976
Baby and infant caskets available in three sizes
Available in three sizes, the cremation caskets, or alternative containers are cremation "friendly", made of a white two piece cardboard exterior and flannel interior.

The nine inch unit is for miscarried babies, the twenty inch is for premature and the twenty seven inch is ideal for stillborn babies.

Each Cremation Cradle comes complete with a soft, padded flannel interior in a juvenile print, tastefully trimmed in white lace. These are the very same interiors used in our Burial Cradle Baby Caskets.

When open and in state, the Cremation Cradle has the appearance of a conventional infant casket, allowing the baby to be viewed by the family and public prior to cremation.

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