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#20 Burial Cradle Baby Casket
#20 Burial Cradle Baby Casket
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For as long as I can remember, families have obtained infant caskets from their local funeral homes to bury their beloved pets. And today, there are even more requests as people want to care for a pet with the same love and compassion as they would their loved one.

In fact, in 2008 it was estimated that over $43 billion was spent on Fido's farewell.

As a result of the more frequent request, the more progressive funeral homes and veterinarians are meeting these needs by offering caskets and other pet bereavement items.

At BAY MEMORIALS, we too are aware of the need and while a baby casket may be suitable in size for some pets, most require something more proportionate to the pet. Therefore, we have developed a PET CASKET and a cardboard PET CREMATION CONTAINER of the same materials used in our baby caskets, but in a completely separate line unique for pets only.

Our PET CASKET is deeper, wider and longer as well as the CREMATION CONTAINER which by the way is also ideal for "green" burials. Both utilize a cat and dog design on a soft flannel interior trimmed in lace and only used in the pet line.

The new division of BAY MEMORIALS operates within the same building, same familiar staff and same contact number, but with completely separate product; one for pets and the other for infants.

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