Infant Casket Division

All of the BURIAL CRADLE℠ caskets have a flannel “juvenile print” interior with a lace border that will work equally well for a boy or a girl.

The shell of the casket is made of strong polystyrene, (not to be confused with polystryene or styrofoam) and has an exterior almond color. Its sealant makes it possible for parents to transport their own baby safely across the country if necessary for burial at their convenience.

All Burial Cradle Products are warranted in workmanship and material and if not completely satisfied may be returned within 30 days.

Burial Cradle℠ Baby Caskets

Three Sizes of Caskets With Flannel Interior

Cremation Cradles

Three Sizes of Cremation Cradles with Cardboard Exterior & Flannel Interior

Burial Cradle℠ Baby Caskets

  • Model #10 Burial Cradle℠
    Model #10 Burial Cradle℠ $49

    For a miscarriage, we offer the #10 Burial Cradle. It is attractive and properly sized with an inside length of 10 inches.

  • Model #20 Burial Cradle℠
    Model #20 Burial Cradle℠ $89

    For the premature or stillborn baby, the #20 Burial Cradle is available with an inside length of 20 inches and has a sewn-in pillow.

  • Model #30 Burial Cradle℠
    Model #30 Burial Cradle℠ $135

    For the full term or newborn, the #30 Burial Cradle offers extra width for the addition of a baby's blanket, a toy or other mementos. A removable pillow trimmed in lace with the same flannel print as the interior, provides a touch of warmth. At less than half the cost of any comparable casket, you won't find a better value.​

  • Burial Cradle℠ Vault for Model #10 (Optional)
    Burial Cradle℠ Vault for Model #10 (Optional) $130

    For that added peace of mind a vault is offered for the #10 burial cradle in the same high-strength weather resistant polystyrene. The Burial Cradle Vault serves equally well as an urn vault for most adult size urns. Many parents use the vault along with our little Burial Cradle Casket for additional protection and for ease of locating the tiny casket years in the future if necessary. However, because of how the #10 casket is constructed, cemeteries do not require the use of an additional vault.

Cremation Cradles

New in 2003, was the addition of Cremation Cradles to the Burial Cradle-Baby Casket line.

Available in three sizes, the cremation caskets are cremation “friendly”, made of a white two-piece cardboard exterior and flannel interior.

The #10 unit is for miscarried babies, the #20 is for premature babies, and the #30 is ideal for stillborn babies.

Each Cremation Cradle comes complete with a soft, padded flannel interior in a juvenile print, tastefully trimmed in white lace. These are the very same interiors used in our Burial Cradle Baby Caskets.

When open and in state, the Cremation Cradle has the appearance of a conventional infant casket, allowing the baby to be viewed by the family and public prior to cremation.

  • Model #10 Cremation Container $22
  • Model #20 Cremation Container $30
  • Model #30 Cremation Container $40